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I am Alireza Azarakhsh, born in 1998 in Tehran. I graduated from Faraz Danesh School with a degree in Mathematics and Physics. I changed my major when I entered the university. Due to my great interest in computer science, I started working in computer science during my university years I have been working on computers since I was a child. I had a great interest in programming and graphics. I started learning graphics at the age of 8 and I started with graphics in Photoshop, and when I started graphics, I was much more skilled and expert than I was. And I decided to start working professionally in graphics, which led me to master graphics at the age of 15, and when I mastered graphics, I increased my speed with a little work, and in this regard, I started I learned web design and from

As a child, I was interested in designing a website for myself with my own knowledge, and I worked hard in this field, and after years of activity, I was able to form a team for myself, and with this team, I was able to start a startup called Sweeney Host in 2014. The work of this startup was to provide hosting and domain services. At that time, I added services such as web design and design to this collection on the Swinhost website, and within two years of my professional activity, I launched my first and most official project. In the field of back-writing for my teacher’s website, I did not do this alone. This was my first official job for a group where I was studying, and I was doing a project before, not in a professional way. My first official project made me hopeful in this job, and after the school system in In 1396, I started a small startup next to Swinhost startup and this startup is called Iran Mai The card was unveiled for its customers. The purpose of creating this startup was to enable our users to launch a personal site as a business card. This startup was offered to users on the WordPress system in the beginning of its work, but after some time of effort and consensus. With the team, it was decided to implement this system based on a dedicated system, and finally we finished this work in 1397 by selling it to a collection, and we did not provide an update for this program anymore, and in 1397, this startup it was gathered . And we continued to do the same with Swinhost. Due to the increase in the dollar and the lack of sufficient budget, we stopped selling hosts and domains through the website and we had to apply offline and without a website to attract customers. In 1398, I did not have much activity. And I had to work in a field other than the website and the Internet. In September 2017, I went to university and continued my studies at the university for one semester. In the second semester, I started my cooperation with the employment school of the Islamic Azad University. I decided to launch a booklet finder application with some students, and in February 2017, with the help of students, I was able to launch a startup called Booklet Finder.

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